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    Supreme x Vans Native American

    Fall/Winter 2014

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    wow this post is worse than i remembered

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    finding a new favorite character like



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  5. they ported memes to the gameboy advance

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    hotwing looks 12


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    my armenian father getting angry at a squirrel

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  9. hotwing:

    GIRRRRRL. So my grindr app has this super hot muscle daddy in, like, his late 40s wearing sleeveless muscle shirts and the radar says hes super close to me. Well I just saw him… BRUH HE LIVE DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME. I ran into him just now when I was checking the mail and he offered to help us move in. Welcome to the neighborhood Cody.

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  11. How devastated would u be if you was getting cyber-bullied by an 11yrold

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  12. thebattlefrontier:

    tbh i’d love to see a slice of life smash bros anime because seeing the roster hanging out and acting like bros would be one of the most magical things in the world

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    ruined his entire life 

    this nigga fuckin purp up


  14. ok a lil shark verse is only 50 bucks i could definitely get some kids together and do a cypher and get lil shark on it

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