1. grinderman2:

    romance is so fun and exciting!! im not involved with or interested in anyone at the moment, just making this post as a blanket statement about luv in general!

  3. drawnlinedating:

    "Reddit is the only website I check daily," 28


  5. Anonymous said: How do you feel about shaped decks


    i skate them, i think theyre fun. theyre just as functional as popsicles and they look and feel better, what’s not to like? i know they’re kind of a trend now but i’m backing it

  6. americanapparel:

    The Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie by American Apparel

    this hoodie is fucking awful mine has pilled red bits all over my pants and my hair when i wear it


  7. bestpal:



    my pussy > the beatles

    anyone who thinks this way has never listened to the beatles.

    sike bitch u never tasted this pussy

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  9. some super reblogged post said dogs and cats cant eat raw meat

    what the hell i hate this website sometimes


  10. a question to the skate board side of tumblr




    how do you guys get the boards to stick to your feet when you jump?

    Neil why does this have so much notes

    i don’t know, all of my notifications are people saying “magnets” or “duct tape” and every day someone explains the physics of the ollie in my inbox

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  13. besturlonhere:

    i promised an exclusive report about the day the worlds longest grill came to this tiny town and here it is. every moment of my life and yours as well has led up to this so please watch

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  14. spookymeevs said: in your opinion, who would win in a fight between wal-mart and target




    in the end meevs, it’s the consumer who wins….

    i have to eat a whole store?

    meevs once again you’ve proven yourself a confused fool


  15. railroadsoftware:



    I have to admit, this keurig brews one hell of a cupa

    its all in the grounds my friend

    thanks for the tip idiot meevs. like I didn’t know that already.

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